I think it's safe to say that neither of these places are exactly resort-town quality, unless you're from a type-J7 "hellfire" plane. But then if you were, you wouldn't be reading this, now would you? (not to offend any type-J7s who are reading this, mind you. No, not at all. I would just expect you to be out conquering firsthand, instead of reading a compendium. Please don't hurt me.)

For the most part, the humans on the anchor world seem more or less unaware of the existence of their subplanes, which is probably to their benefit. If they started meddling with them (like humans are wont to do), they'd probably start getting meddled back, or at least more meddled than they are now, and the results would not be pretty.

Speaking of the anchor world, I would suggest staying away from it, too. It's type-X0, "spitfire" to you non-students. That means that it snagged a reality warp a while back, and so the planar boundaries have become especially thin. Cardinal rule of spitfire planets is "Be careful what you wish for, it probably will come true," only in ways more nasty than anything you thought up.

But enough of that. Two more subplanes catalogued, infinity-squared to go. But just as long as I get paid, I'll be out there doing it. Only in the future, I'll ask to see the assignment before accepting it. This is Leach Sewallur, signing out.