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Welcome to the Site dedicated to the spiritual and supernatural aspects of Operation Can't Wait Any Longer.

Site Admins are GAVAL(Main Admin), Ravil, Kazz,  Mr. 8), or Shade.  Contact them if you wish to create a site. 

11-12-03   Well Gav it looks like no one has been here for a while and I thought that I would post to let everyone know that I removed all the stuff from my space on this server and replaced it with a simple re-direct page to and a cute pic of my character that Ztiev drew a long time ago.
Hope all is well with y'all! Tah!


06-10-03  Year of the Spectre, Episode IV: "Fall of Tears" is up and outed.  It's a good one, we think.  We'll be releasing it in about three parts over the next few days along with a "story so far" summary and a character outline.  Comments are requested and encouraged!  The ASG Website will be updated in the next few days as well with updated Slayer info and character details.  Check it oot! This story was written by myself and Ravil with some excerpts from Lothos and Darklight.  -Gav

03-03-03  Just had to make an entry today, I mean, look at the date?  Isn't that just WIERD?!  Anyway, YotS 4 progress:  Time sure flies, doesn't it?  I just want to assure those of you who ever REMEMBER the YotS storyline that we're still making slow but steady progress.  I'd say this episode, which I still contend will be the best of the series and some of my personal best writing (And I bet Ravil would say the same of his additions.  Heck, I'll say it!), is about 80% done with a number of short, quick chapters remaining to be written.  Thanks again to those of you who are still interested in what I think is quite a nifty little series. - GAVAL

11-30-02  Happy holidays folks!  YotS 4 is well under way in its writing phase for those following the series and wondering what's going on with the series..  Looks like we'll have a little artwork for this one too!  For those of you who are into teasers It's very clear to Ravil and I as we bang this one out that YotS 4 will be the most pivotal story of the seven part series.  Things are really going to start happening in this story in ways we find both exciting and unusual.  Most people just want a release date on this stuff and all I can say is we're hoping for the New Year but no promises.  Ravil and I seem to have alot less time to write than we used to, but our convictions and dedication to this series are as strong as they've ever been.  We just think it's too cool a story to not tell, so hang in there!  Also, we promise a "what's happened so far" section for those of you who may want to hop on board or for those of you who need a refresher! - Gav

8-20-02 The Museum on Shade's website has been updated tremendously.  I'm hoping to have it Completed by the end of the year so we can get some membership cards made.  As usual CWALers are getting lazy as it is near hibernation time.  I hope that everyone has at least glanced at the pictures residing there.  Even though the picture Rotten sent me is not him, it's up there anyway.  Look for more pictures as the year progresses. -Shade

7-1-02 Year of the Spectre, Episode 3: Harvest Dusk is up and ready to read. This story features original music authored by Arcturus and Archangel.   Contributions to the story written by Phasmus, Nighteye, and Lothos are scattered throughout thsi Episode.  At the end you'll find a link to a bonus story written by Sofielisk and some deleted scenes that we decided to leave out.   Links to stories included in the YotS series and many additions to the Slayer Manifesto are available for those of you wanting to know a little "more." Just go to the ASG Website and start poking around for nifty new ASG Universe tidbits..  -Gav

6-25-02 YotS 3 is finished its writing and editing phase and GAVAL is working on bringing it to the internet in html form for release.  He's hoping to have it out within the week to make his "end of June" deadline.  As usual he'll be celebrating a story release with his birthday.  Quothe the Cajun, "I've put out a major story every year in June for four years running now.  I'm not gonna break that streak."  Look for a major change of scenery and history as the strife deepens between the ASG and the enigmatic Rogues while GAVAL sinks deeper and deeper into being someone we don't recognize or even like.  Meanwhile the unstoppable Plague-Sever decides it's homesick and takes a few innocents along for the ride.  Also, Phasmus, Inc. suffers a possibly crippling setback. Year of the Spectre:  Episode III, showboating towards the ruin of CWAL in one week!

5-28-02  Steady work on YotS 3 has resumed after a lengthy delay due to GAVAL's getting married, moving to a new home, and experiencing a computer crash which forced a reformat on him.  It seemed like just after we recovered from 9/11 new problems arose.  As you can see, everything was backed up and we're in good shape to continue work and to finish this episode.  In fact, Ravil has completed his portion of YotS 3 and moved on to do some work on YotS 4.GAVAL has included excerpts from Phasmus and Nighteye in the story and moved on to patch everythign together and finish his work.  There's only 3 or 4 scenes left to be completed before web design can begin.  We hope to have this story out before July of '02.  -Gav

12-16-01 Year of the Spectre, Episode 3 is in the works.  We all suffered massive delays after September 11th.  It seems terror can make a story seem less significant in the face of great loss.  It can even rob one of the will to write when fantasy takes a second on the unbelievable scale to reality, but time and will can defy most obstacles, and so we write.  Look for sections from Phasmus, DarkLight, Ravil, GAVAL, and Lothos, as well as interludes from Eye of the Night in the next Episode of YotS which takes place in late summer 2001 and goes into the fall.   The hunt really starts to heat up as GAVAL finishes training his Spectre Hunters and Nabob tries to break the news to the ASG of the Rogue's wishes to rejoin Slayer Ranks.  Meanwhile, the Spectre, who we've all nicknamed "Spooky" has found new and horrible ways to wreak carnage upon the world as he tries to make sense of the strange world around him.  We hope to have this story complete at the top of the New Year. -Gav

8-30-01 Year of the Spectre, Episode 2: Summer Twilight  is up and ready to read.  It is being released in 2 parts on the Rubber Room over 2 days because its length was a little longer than short stories oughtta be, but we feel you get more quality this way.  The Slayer Gallery has been updated with new drawings from YotS 2 as well.     Links to stories included in this series and many additions to the Slayer Manifesto are available for those of you wanting to know a little "more." Just go to the ASG Website  and start poking around for nifty new Slayer factoids.  -Gav

7-29-01 Year of the Spectre, Episode 2 is now well into production..  Ravil is just about done writing his portion and will be doing the html for this one.  My portion of the story will consist of seven short chapters which includes some scene ideas by Lothos.  Hopefully we'll have this one out the first week of August or end of July. According to our current plant the story will have 7 Episodes, each a short story unto itself, and then a finale. I also put up an html version of Rush No More and a compiled page of all Year of the Spectre Stories written by various other CWALers.  As some of you like Paradox, Exile, Phasmus, and Sofie complete your stories they will be added to that page according to when they happened in the timeline.-Gav

6-28-01 Year of the Spectre, Episode 1: The Spectral Menace is up and ready to read.  The  Slayer Gallery has been updated with new drawings from YotS 1 as well.     Links to stories and additions to the Slayer Cast List are available for those of you wanting to know a little "more."  I'll be working on a compilation of all YotS stories by all authors.  Expect to see that up on this site some time in mid July. -Gav

6-25-01 Ravil is now an RCN Administrator and can help anyone out with access to -Gav

6-7-01 Re: Year of the Spectre. It's been worked out that the series of short stories comprising YotS will be divided into about seven core stories that make up the entire saga.  In addition to the core stories done by Ravil, GAVAL, and Lothos, there have been and will continue to be several side stories about others lives who have been affected by the Spectre.  Expect to see three short stories relatively soon by Sofielisk, DarkLight, Paradox, and Phasmus.  GAVAL and Ravil's first core story, Episode one of seven episodes, will be released at the end of June.  An Episode should appear every 6 or 7 weeks following Episode one leading up to the finale.  The story arc is open to anyone else who wishes to write about the hunt and the events that will unfold in the core titles which will be pretty intense for at least a couple of factions in CWAL Prime. More news as it becomes available.  -Gav

6-4-01 Shade has been added to the Admin roster and will be hosting her room here at RCN. -Gav

5-26-01 Slayer Site Fully Updated for Year of the Spectre Storyline including updated Cast List and additional sections in the Slayer Manifesto.  YotS short stories will chronical the year long pact GAVAL has made with Nighteye that gave him back his powers so that he could track down the predator, Plague-Sever, who stole his Rush and killed or crippled many of his friends.  The cost of this pact is that GAVAL's energy will become more and more corrupt as he uses the tainted Rush and that he must face Nighteye in mortal combat at the Shadowlands in March of 2002.  The real cost of the dark pact may be everything he holds dear in the world.  The YotS storyline is chiefly written by GAVAL, Ravil, and Lothos, but is open to any CWALers who would like to join in on the hunt and write a few short stories.  Those involved so far include Lothos, Z, Nighteye, Mr. 8), Sofielisk, Exile, and Darklight.  -Gav

5-25-01 Added a new page, "The Nature of the Undead" which is a semi-accurate report produced by DarkLight's character, Aura, as an assignment during her stay in the 13th dimension.  Ravil's authored this particular piece.  -Gav

5-3-01  Link to the newest Slayer story, "Rush No More, Part Two" can be found in the Ambiguous Slayer's Guild site.-Gav.

4-29-01 Sadly, Ravage! has decided to leave the site and to take his design with him.  Since we're allowed 5 people with FTP access, anyone interested can contact GAVAL.

04-9-01 AHH! More art! AHH! Added a new pencil of GAVAL by GAVAL and 4 shots to the miscellaneous art section. Work included is that of Malice, El Cazador, Simmaster(Razeal), and Akardam/Ravil. -GAVAL

02-20-01 High Heaven's/Burning Hell's Compendium activated. Leach has provided this link for information regarding how the various factions of good and evil featured in the RoE Finale are structured and operated. See link to left to explore the supernatural planes of good and evil with Leach's Fire and Ice.-GAVAL

01-21-01 GAVAL's evil webpage editor broke the image locations. So I fixed it. All is well once more. also. I'm working on getting a news script. cause it'd be soooo much easier. And the menus will soon be found in text files for universal editing purposes. -Ravage! 

01-18-01 Slayer Gallery Activated. See link to left. Additional character portraits for Slayer characters added to Slayer page. -GAVAL

12-11-00 Planned projects as of now are a new story, Part II of "Rush No More", sections on slayer weapons and terminology, a GAVAL CIDAT for Mu, links to all GAVAL stories, and a Slayer Gallery featuring El Cazador's artwork from the GHWF and Gav@work art. -GAVAL

12-11-00 The Great Holy War Finale now finds itshome on RELIGION.CWAL.NET. It has been rebuilt and this is the only fullmultimedia version available on any CWAL website...or anywhere for thatmatter! Some material has been rewritten and improved and all pages havebeen shortened and the code improved to make it friendlier to load foryour systems. Please use Internet Explorer for this story or it won't loadall music. The link can be found on the Slayer Site. (Link to the leftof this). -GAVAL

10-23-00 Slayer site now has sections on the SlayerHit List and the Evil Categories used by the ASG. -GAVAL

10-10-00 Slayer site now has links to some characterillustrations by El Cazador. More will come later including a gallery ofall of his GHWF pics. -GAVAL

10-1-00 Slayer site is now up in its most primitiveform. Artwork, links to stories, etc. and a better layout will follow.-GAVAL

9-21-00 (Several hours later) I added a largeamount of information on Dragons to the Fantasy section, which can be accessedthrough the extremely visible link that says "Fantasy." -Ravage!

9-21-00 I added stuff.-Ravage!

9-20-00 Ok, everyone, your looking at the templatefor the site, it most likely needs tweaking, I made it on a resolutionof 1024x786, but it should work on 800x600. It's supposed to have a gothicfeel, I don't know if I hit my mark but it looks nice doesn't it? Oh, canwe use Newspro in here? if so let me know and I'll set it up. Or someoneelse can if they want to. -Ravage!

9-20-00 Hey guys, let's put our names on any newswe post so we know who's up to what, Mkay? Alrighty, then. -Gav 

9-20-00 I'm almost done the layout, testing tosee if the images pre-load like they're supposed to. 

9-17-00I came back from camp and had Frito makeme this cool banner so I could take all the credit. 

9-9-00 Due to some creative misspellings, I'mtesting out my access and changing my name. There is no dot. Mr 8) is...simplyput, not Mr. 8). and now that I have warped your minds sufficiently, theemoticon of the day is 8>). I'm also trying to find a nice news scriptto put up here...unfortunately that search has not yielded much. And don'tworry Friendly:), I'll message you later. 

8-9-00 All FTP access positions are now filled.Friendly:) has volunteered to do the front page for the site. Ravage! has volunteered artistic assistance. Kazz has offered to hump the leg of any Deity we bring to the site. Mr. 8) has offered to teach us all the most religious emoticons available. Deity help us.