Year of the Spectre - Episode IV:
"Fall of Tears"

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Mid October 2001


WNBC 4, New York

“...for the first time in three years, the Empire State Building reaches its original height of almost a hundred and seven stories since its tragic collapse at the hand of a megalomaniac. A fitting accomplishment after New York lost it’s other two tallest guardians just one month ago...”


NY1, New York

“...never before have so many gathered in this small church in East Brooklyn. They say it’s the same across town and indeed across America...”


WCBS 2, New York

“...a fitting memorial today for one of the last twelve firefighters missing since September eleventh...”


KNBC 4, Los Angeles

“...will be taking the time despite all the other tragedy to remember what happened in the Mojave this coming December at the Desert War memorial there...”



“...I don’t know about you, Larry, but the rest of us are scared *BLEEP*-less! What the hell is going on out there?! Terrorists, guerilla warfare on our own soil, three of our five tallest buildings reduced to craters, and now this crap with Russia?! If I had keys to the goddamned Space Shuttle I’d be on my way off this rock!”



“Our top story, as we turn away from Ground Zero for a moment, Russia addresses the United Nations today on a level of social unrest not seen in that fragile Democracy since the fall of the Soviet Union...”



“If terrorists want to seize some god awful Popsicle section of Siberia what business of ours is it?!”

“Senator, the President made it very clear that ALL forms of terrorism were involved in this new War Against Terrorism. Siberian guerillas are no different from the Taliban in that regard!”


“Meet the Press,” NBC

“ weird is that some folks, and I mean respected Russian captains and level-headed businessmen who evacuated, they’re using words like “supernatural” and “unexplained phenomenon.” What the hell is actually going on up there and why can’t anyone give us a straight answer?!”



Translated from Spanish

“...clear to us all that Russia can’t keep a handle on this civil uprising. They wouldn’t have come to the U.N. with this implied plea for help otherwise.”



“...bunch of Siberian wankers is what they are! Who the hell calls their new sovereign nation “Shadowland” anyway?! What? The Shadowlands?! Whatever!”


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