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The Slayer Manifesto

Updated 6-10-03

The rule goes: "Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can."


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The Ambiguous Slayers' Guild is an organization of covert operatives who work closely with the Holy Roman Catholic Church to maintain the fragile balance between good and evil when it gets out of hand.   Predictably this usually has them working to keep evil in check, hence they've come to be known as "evil slayers" or "Guild Slayers" over the years.  The ASG once consisted of around 80,000 individuals of Slayer decent who worked to maintain the balance between good and evil. This basically means that when evil steps out of line, the Slayers' Guild steps in to cause said evil many unpleasantries.

The "Ambiguous" in ASG means that the Slayers appear at first glance to be everyday low-class citizens. No one but the Catholic Church and the enemies of the ASG even know of their existance. To most people, the very idea of a "Evil Slayer" or a "Vampire Slayer" (as they're known because of their prowess against the the nosveratu) is an urban legend or an enigma; the stuff TV shows and storybooks are made of.

Slayers can be catagorized into several casts or sects:

Slayers-Cajun: Leaders and Officers of the ASG who descended from Guhval, an ancient Paladin hero from the Crusades thought to be one of the first Slayers. Most reside around South Louisiana making the most of life and what it has to offer.  Cajuns enhanced skills at Turning undead as well as the ability to emply Tactile Telekinesis to release exhausting but devistating Holy Bolts at their enemies.  Cajuns are also much stronger than most other sects of the Guild.  This sect of Slayers descended from Guhval of the Nine.

Slayers-Redneck: Warriors. They pose as biker gangs, farmers, and hillbillies nowadays. Rednecks are noted for their purity of spirit and are trained in the art of combat more rigorously than any other sect of the Guild.  They are thought to have descended from the peasant Slayer Buffal of the Nine.

Slayers-Chimneysweep: Dirty guys often from the London area. As lucky as lucky can be, these are the intelligence officers for the ASG. They like to dance. Call it "Stepping in Time" "Charrooo!" These Slayers are talented in the art of subterfuge, stealth, disguise, and information gathering.  Sweeps also possess almost unparalleled agility and dexterity. This sect of Slayers is thought to have descended from the bloodline of Gabrina of the Nine.

Slayers-Baker: These flour-covered Swedes form the economic backbone of the ASG, providing income through marketing of their legendary pastries. They also support the Slayer's insatiable craving for all that is sweet.    Slayers Baker were referred to as Planters in the past who would activate young Slayers (Seedlings) latent abilities once they had started to manifest pureblood abilities.  The details of the Baker sect lineage has been lost over time, though many theories and rumors tie them to the "chaste" monk Gavin of the Nine.

Slayers-Ditchdigger: These guys can me most likened to The Shoveler from Mystery Men. They can shovel and they can shovel well. Evil beware.  Diggers were once known as "Watchers" in the old days because of their enhanced abilities of perception.  Their five senses are all greatly enhanced both in and out of the Rush.  They are rumored to possess a sixth sense while Rushed.  Their scant ability to bear children is inversely proportionate to their most impressive ability.  One Digger in 50 is immortal.  The only way to kill these pureblooded Diggers is to remove the source of their power.   The secrets of Digger Immortality are preserved throughout the Guild and only Elder Slayers are aware of what exactly a Digger can do.  The rest of the Guild sees them as simple sentinals who are employed by the Chinmeysweeps when needed.  This sect of Slayers decended from Kendal of the Nine.

Slayers-Premiere: Powerhouses of the ASG, their blood is so pure that their Rush can lead them to bouts of insane fury and power as they grow in size and strength to inhuman proportions around evil. These Slayers are thought to have descended from the ogre who was an original Slayer of legend known as Saxal of the Nine.

Slayers-Rogue: Not even the ASG knows much about these magic-using descendants of a powerful Sorceress.  They are known for their ability to use powerful magic towards the cause of good.  Their Rush is the weakest Rush in the ASG because much of the life-energy that would fuel the Rush in another sect of Slayer is channeled towards fueling their mana.  This does not, however, make them weak.  A Rushed Rogue could still crush a limestone rock in his bare hands, bend some steel, or punch through a brick or cinder wall.

    The ASG operates through organization and partial funding by the Holy Roman Catholic Church around the world. Their headquarters is in Castel S'Angelo near the Vatican in Rome.  Often called upon by the church to defend the righteous, the goals of the Ambiguous Slayers' Guild are quite different from that of the church. While the Catholics' role is to spread the good word of god who the Slayers deem is one and the same as the "Divinity" of Slayer lore, they all acknowledge that the ASG exists to maintain balance between good and evil.  The Guild has occasionally had to step in to reign in good as well as evil.

    Around 45,000 Slayers to date patrol their designated areas for evil infestations of unusual and damaging influence. Their numbers were cut by more than half during the Great Holy War of 1999 when they fought to keep the forces of evil at bay in the Battle of Mojave as Astral forces of good and evil played out the Third Cosmic Fight of the Ages to determine the universes' new Champion. (See the "Great Holy War Finale"  A non-multimedia format of this epic can be found in the CWAL Archives)

    In addition to working alongside priests of the Catholic Church, many non-powered civilians work for the ASG undercover as Agents of the Ambiguous Slayer's Guild like Agents Gato and Archangel of Operation CWAL.

Slayer Physiology

When in the presence of any undead or EXTREME evil, Slayers experience the Rush, which is an empowering of their special "enlightened" or "purified" blood that makes them extremely alert, strong, and dexterous...even moreso than most nosveratu.  The Rush apparantly works by activating a mysterious energy source within the blood of every Slayer in the presence of the negative energy that allows undead to flourish or that gives some of the greater demons their power.  The average empowered Slayer can punch through a solid oak door or survive a volley of gunshot wounds. When not Rushed, Slayers are as mortal as any other man. The setting in of The Rush is very painful for all Slayers with varying degrees of temporary agony for each sect. For men the Rush feels as though they are being kicked in the groin. For women the pain is akin to intense menstrual cramps. The Rush kicks in when an undead entity is withing about 100 feet from their physical location. It should be noted that there are very few female slayers.

Slayers have a love of all things sweet. This affinity for sucrose is often attributed to physiological changes that resulted in their genetic makeup as a result of the enlightening of their blood some 1,000 years ago. Somehow, in adapting to the physical ordeal that is the Rush, a craving for sugar to support their changed biological economies evolved. Pie is one of the Purebloods' favorite delicacies.

Other physiological side effects from having enlightened blood include periods of confusion, paranoia, hysteria, and lunacy. Though all Slayers have been known to experience emotional apexes from one moment to the next, none has ever lost their sanity by most psychological textbook definitions. This is attributed as being another "Gift" from the source of the Slayers' enlightened blood, The Divinity. The most notable change that resulted mentally for all Slayers is the fact that they are completely immune to all forms of psychological manipulation, mind control, psionic attack, brainwashing, or any other type of mental trauma. The downside to this is that the human mind's ability to block out or withdraw from mental trauma to protect itself does not apply to Slayers.  They are forced to face whatever emotional demons their lives have brought to bear on them.

Slayers from around the world convene every Halloween in their United States Division headquarters, the New Orleans Superdome. (See "CWAL Halloween: What About Bob?"  and "Rush No More" under GAVAL's Stories (Under Construction).)

Currently Irvine, CA has about 6 slayers permanantly stationed in its area, not counting the trainees.  Before losing his Rush, GAVAL was one of them.

Only three Slayers on record have ever gone bad. One of them, Lavag, is GAVAL's twin brother who's misguided intentions are hard to place, but have never resulted in peaceful or holy ventures. He is therefore categorized as dangerous and eval. The other, a complete freak of nature and completely non-duplicatable befouling of Slayer lineage was the raising of Ragnir the Abomination, an Undead Slayer reanimated by the dark magic of Nighteye.  The third case involed a victim of the great Sin War.  GAVAL's alternate from another dimsion fell to the dark influences of an alternate Earth's evil conqurers.  He eventually found his way back to the light at the end of the war(See the "Realm of Evil Finale" by Leach).  Lavag disappeared after the Great Holy War and is presumed dead.   Ragnir was destroyed by GAVAL and Cabbott during the Great Holy War.  Alternate GAVAL met his demise at the hands of his former demon commander in the "Realm of Evil Finale."

Special Talents

Slayers' power comes from their blood, which has always been a mystery. It is said by some that a Slayer's blood can be likened to "liquid light" or "liquid good." Aside from the superhuman powers provided by the Rush, legends have shown that Slayers have many other abilities that were once highly attuned to arcane and holy magic from deep within the earth and from deep within themselves. Over the years, however, those powers have either dwindled or have been lost to time in extended periods of peace or modifications in their training techniques to meet the demand to fight back more conventional forms of evil.  Very little practical knowledge remains of the "special talents" that Slayers once possessed.

Of the abilities that still remain the following are still known and practiced occasionally:

Enlightened Blood: If a Slayer was to so much as bleed on an undead creature, the affect would be devastating as the substances actually countered and nullified the very existance of each other. Many a vampire has learned the harsh lesson that biting into a Slayer's jugular can only result in that vampire's demise.

Turning Undead:  Any trained Slayer of pure and enlightened blood of the 1000 year old Slayer legacy can focus his life energy with a brief prayer and destroy, banish, or frighten away evil with damaging light from their purified blood. The affects depends on the strength of the surrounding forces of evil. For most Slayers this power can only utilized about once per hour.

The Shield of Karvalle: Using an ancient rhyme that many Slayers are taught as children by their parents an enchantment once granted by Karvalle, a sorceress one of the original nine Slayers, we know that a powerful protection charm can be created simply by gathering a set number of Slayers in one location. Rarely are armies of Slayers every brought into one location, but if every a group of several thousand of these warriors is needed for some resistance against an unspeakably large force of evil, the Shield of Karvalle which dates back to the crusades at around 950 A.D. can be produced from their very life essence to protect Slayers from harm of physical or magical origin.

Tactile Telekinetic Energy:(Slayers-Cajun only) This emanation of power is much more than a Turn of the Undead. It is also a physical form of destructive energy that harms and repels its target with great accuracy and effectiveness. The affect is seemingly multiplied when the target is undead. This energy expulsion greatly weakens any Slayer-Cajun who knows how to use this power after the "holy bolt" is released. Only Slayers who descended from Guhval, one the original nine Slayers who assumed command of the slayer legacy after the fabled Khanduran expulsion separated the Slayers from the Slayer Prime, CABAL, can perform this type of attack.

Psychic Ability/Extra Sensory Perception: (Slayers-Ditchdigger only) Diggers are known for having all five of their senses greatly enhanced at all times, but it is their sixth sense that really gives a mystery to this sect of Slayers.  Diggers can touch objects and see events that occurred in the past or that will occur in the future if a strong enough psychic impression were made on that object.  They can also see into the future or the past and in the environment surrounding them at various distances to discern what is, has, or might happen.

Immortality:  (Slayers-Ditchdigger)  Only a select few of the Upper Slayer Heirarchy know how many Watchers there are in the Guild and how old they really are.  Diggers cannot be slain except under the most specific circumstances kept secret to all but the Leader of the Guild himself.  Their healing factor is in a constant state of rapid bodily repair even without the presence of negative energy to activate their Rush.

Size and Strength Manipulation:  (Slayers-Premiere)  These Slayers can change form into hulking beasts thanks to their having descended from an Ogre in ages past.  When releasing their anger in battle they can actually grow to enormous proportions with strength to match.

Magic:(Slayers-Rogue)  Rogues, being of direct descendants of a powerful sorceress, are taught from a young age how to use their natural arcane abilities in combination with their Rush powers.  The extent and nature of their powers depends on their discipline and training, but they are limited to using these powers only for the cause of good.  If they should ever have to combat other good-natured enemies, they might find themselves relying on cold steel.

Slayer Recruitment

    When Slayers-Chimneysweep intelligence finds any sign of Slayer leniage in teenagers around the world, the ASG's policy is to immediately contact those teens in person and tactfully inform them of the inevitable changes they are going through.  After a textbook explaination by one a Slayer recruiter (usually a retired slayer or ASG Agent) the young Slayers, called Seedlings,  are offered a choice.

    This often comes as a shock to the newly enlightened teen who has been stressed enough in dealing with puberty without having to cope with glowing eyes, a craving for sweets, and occasionally crushing metal objects in the palms of their hands as their reproductive organs caused them great pain.  If the young Slayers accept their destiny they are given contact information as to who their local Slayers are and secretive training and guidance is provided.  Eventually a special ceremony will unlock the true potential of their Slayer powers and they are given a new name according to Slayer tradition.  This awakening  introduces a period of early test missions into the Slayer lifestyle which eventually leads to a right of passage that marks the confirmation of a lifetime of secret service to the Guild.  The probation period can go anywhere from a year to a decade depending on the individual's performance and discipline.

    However, some young Seedlings are unable to accept the surreal situation that they are destined to embrace, and they deny their heritage when given the choice.  New Slayers are always given the choice...but only once.  If they choose to turn away from service, a much simpler ritual is performed.  Their memory of all things Slayer is forgotten and their blood should forever remain dormant of the Rush.  After this "mindwipe," teenage life goes on normally with no more unusual symptoms aside from a small scar on the forehead.

Evil Categorization 101

The Ambiguous Slayers' Guild prioritizes its assignments with a series of classifications; using this system to categorically bastardize evil in its various forms, and then using it to determine what evil should be vanquished first or how to go about slaying such vileness. Classifications and affects are as follows:

Category I: Evil Description: Quasi-evil at best. Nothign to worry about, really. Affect: No Rush incited. Examples include Scott Evil and Tammy Faye Baker's makeup artist.

Category II: EvIl Description: As in the fruIts of the devIl, evIl. Affect: No Rush incited. Examples include New York Cabbies and most boy bands.

Category III: Eval Description: This is serious evil. Not to be scoffed at. Slay on sight! Affect: Rush incited. Slayers can sense this evil a quarter mile off. Examples include any undead creatures like zombies, vampires, liches, mummies, and physics professors.

Category IV: EVAHL Description: This is evil of the worst kind. Usually they are of legendary wicked status. Affect: Strong, painful Rush incited. Slayers can sense this evil a mile away. Examples include most archliches, Sephroth, Abadon, Lucifer, Dracula, and Lothos' foot odor. Proceed with extreme caution!

The Slayer Hit List

    Contrary to popular belief, the Slayer Hit List is not some official document used to prioritize slayings of aforementioned evil. The list, created by GAVAL, is not so much a Slayer policy, yet it's more than a personal list the Cajun keeps. Originally, GAVAL,  his hands full in Irvine as a fledgeling new Slayer, found he was having trouble keeping track of all the nasties in and around his patrol areas, so he pulled out a napkin and began noting who was evil, who was suspected of evil, and who was the best person to coax out of their desert. The result was a series of lists that GAVAL often makes reference to in the game of life. These lists include the Slayer Blessed List, the Slayer List of Succulent Sweetness, and the Slayer List of Chicks Not to Ask Out Without Wearing Protective Headgear.

    As Irvine became an increasingly hot spot for evil, GAVAL's Slayer Hit List list graduated to first the walls near his desk and finally a notepad under the suggestion of Shin Hikaru, who got tired of having to paint over walls and often being staked in the pancreas for such actions. In time, as more Slayers were added to the Irvine area, GAVAL shared his list with Buffy, Cabbott, Jo Bob, and others.  It became more and more of a wanted poster for area evil.

    While GAVAL is constantly striving to keep the list as short as possible, often he finds to his frustration that the list either remains the same length or grows faster than it can be shorted via stakes. This is partially due to the amount of evil in the area, and partially due to GAVAL's poor organizational skills which result in many names appearing on the list with great frequency. Examples in include people like Sephroth, Maggott, DarkLight, and "Those guys who sing that `Bye-bye' song" who can be found appearing on the list dozens or even hundreds of time.

    There is no official copy of the Slayer Hit List to be found publicly anywhere but in GAVAL's pocket, though rumor has it that he has a backup of the list saved somewhere and is paying someone to keep it backed up regularly. Evil beware.

Slayer Origins

    The Slayers' Origin is often tied to the Supreme Being himself having intervened in evil's plans for world domination in ancient history in another time and place. Legends of promised salvation to all Slayers after death because of the pain they must endure in life are taught to all Slayers who manifest the powers of the Rush in their teens.

    Read "Interview with a Vampire...Slayer" and "Rush No More, Part One" to learn more about CABAL, Kharvalle, Guhval, and the Origin of the other original nine Slayers some 1000 years ago in another time and place....(that's "Interview With a Vampire...Slayer" which can be found on this site and on Maelstrom's CWAL Classics page along with some of GAVAL's other stories.)

Slayer Cast

In addition to GAVAL, several other Slayers have appeared in and around CWAL continuity. Most Slayers have unusual names given to them by the Guild as names that reflect their heritage and also serve as code names during covert operations of ambiguous evil slaying. These Slayers include: (click names to view pictures of characters by EL CAZADOR of CWAL)

GAVAL:A Slayer-Cajun of the Ambiguous Slayers' Guild, GAVAL is extremely paranoid of all that is "not good." GAVAL spends his days trying to live a normal life as a member of Operation CWAL and his nights vanquishing evil. GAVAL lost his Rush powers along with Cabbott on Halloween night of 2000 when he and his friends lost a fight with a mysterious Specter that severs Slayers of their powers. After living life as a student under his birth name, Ted Benoit, tragedy forced GAVAL to make an ill-conceived pact with Nighteye to restore his powers at the cost of his conscience and increasing pain that comes with his tainted Rush. GAVAL agreed to mortal combat with Nighteye in March 2002 (Note, in story terms, it is still only late September 2001), one year from the day he struck the wicked bargain with the demon.  His shortcomings: Charging into a conflict with undead or even live evil just because he hates undead, prematurely accusing people of being evil, and arachnophobia. GAVAL is often described as behaving like the Tick and looking like Indiana Jones. The Slayer-Cajun fights with a silver gavel, oak stakes, and a bullwhip. He also carries a backpack full of other little "slayer tricks." Having coined the phrase "EVAAAAL!", 26-year-old GAVAL wears a black leather waistcoat and a brown felt fedora hat.

Cabbott: A close and dear friend of GAVAL's, Cabbott was a Slayer-Cajun stationed in Irvine who often fought side by side with GAVAL or CWAL when called upon. Cabbott was charged with having led the Slayer faction of the attack force that destroyed OEEP headquarters during the Great Holy War. After a tragic run-in with the Plague Sever Specter at Halloween 2000, he lost his Slayer abilities and found a new role in the ASG as one of its top recruiters. Cabbott dresses very plainly in a camouflage or black t-shirt and jeans. In battle he adds a vest or bandoleer full of stakes to his wardrobe. (First Appearance: Great War I, Gaval)

Jo Bob: A leader among Slayers-Redneck, Jo Bob of Savannah, Georgia has made it his personal mission in life to bring some southern hospitality to the California Irvine area as long as he's stationed there. He too is a friend and partner to GAVAL and is one of the several Slayers stationed in Irvine. He resides in a trailer park outside of town. Jo-Bob favors a shotgun filled with rosary bead pellet shells when he's not using traditional stakes. Legend has it that Jo Bob's father, Johnny, was decades ago tempted  by the Devil himself to bargain off his soul, but that the purity of Redneck spirit defeated Satan not once but twice.  Jo Bob is a hick and a redneck and he couldn't be prouder. (First Appearance: Great War I, Gaval)

Van: Charged with leading the American branch of the Slayers-Chimneysweep network of intelligence gathering experts, Richard "Van" Van Helsing is a direct descendant of one the original Dr. Van Helsing of Dracula fame who helped vanquish the king of the vampires some 200 years ago.  Though he shares the same last name as GAVAL's middle name, there is no relation.  (First appearance, GAVAL's CWAL Initiation)

Dick: Dick, another Slayer-Chimneysweep originates from deep downtown London where he spends many a sooty hour spying on questionable english characters from their own chimneys.  He, Van and Dyke were once inseperable before the Great Holy War split them up.  Dick is one of the highest ranking members of the Slayer Intelligence Division, known as the Chinmeysweep Division.   (First appearance, GAVAL's CWAL Initiation)

Dyke: (Deceased) Dyke was a Slayer-Chimneysweep from Denmark who was known for his spirit and zest for life as well as for his uncommon bravery and skill in combat. Other Slayers often questioned whether or not he had the ability to summon the Rush on cue because of his athletic ability. Dyke was stabbed in the heart and killed with his own stake when he was outnumbered by a group of vampires during the climax of the Great Holy War after being separated from his peers.   (First appearance, GAVAL's CWAL Initiation)

Gatral: Possibly the highest ranking Slayer-Cajun alive, Gatral is the liason between the entire ASG and the actualy leader of the ASG who is unknown to the entire assembly. Despite his rank, Gatral maintains a very informal demeanor with the Guild. In times of need the Pope himself calls upon Gatral to request any assistance the church requires from the ASG. Gatral then conveys his requests to the mysterious Slayer Leader. Gatral is GAVAL's uncle and the only other member of GAVAL's immediate family to manifest Enlightened Blood besides Lavag. Gatral is in his late fifties and has been described as looking like an old pipe-smoking fishing boat captain.(First Appearance: Great War I, Gaval)

Basal:  at over 90 years of age, he is one of the oldest living Slayers.  Basal is the head of the Slayer Intelligence division which consists of hundreds of Slayers-Chinmeysweep and as many normal human agents.  He has lived in Scotland most of his life, and is noted for his fondness for antiques and his gentle nature despite the harsh job he is tasked with.  Basal now makes his home in London surrounded by his collection of artifacts. (Created by Sofielisk in an as of yet unreleased story, first appearance, "Rush No More II")

 Chalice:A leader among Slayers and one of the older members of the ASG, Chalice is one of the middlemen between the mysterious leadership of the ASG and the younger Slayers who do the dirty work.  Chalice has a great sense of humor, but very little tolerance for stupidity or ignorance when it comes to keeping evil in check.  He values wisdom and wit above all other virtues.  Paralyzed from a young age before he manifested the Rush, Chalice is confined to a wheel chair except for when the Rush kicks in and he temporarily regains the use of his legs.  He is also one of the few black Slayers in the ASG. (First Appearance, Rush No More)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Yet another of the Slayers stationed near Irvine, Buffy was one of the youngest slayers around. A Junior in college, Buffy only manifested her abilities three years ago in high school as she defended her classmates from a vampire attack on her senior prom. Many consider her to be a rare jewel in the Slayers' Guild not only because she is a female but also because of her uncanny fighting skills and mastery of the Rush.

The Unnamed Leader:  Very little is known of the mysterious leader of the ASG at this point except that he's very gentle in his leadership and that he's blind.  No one even seems to know his name as he is very reclusive and only discusses ASG matters with the Division Leaders of the Guild.  He can often be seen in a chair at the far end of the meeting table only making a comment every once in a while as the Division Leaders make most of the decisions.  When he does choose to get involved, his words are usually very profound and are never questioned by anyone.  He's been the leader of the ASG as long as even old Basal can remember, but no one seems to question his age or his place as leader.  The Leader is Slayer Will.  (First Appearance, Year of the Spectre:  Episode I)

Natral:(Deceased) Before his death in the Great Holy War, Natral was one of the highest ranking Slayers around. As a Slayer-Cajun he had led countless expeditions into vampire nests and lairs to come out victorious. He was credited for being the sole survivor of the Sephroth-devised Warehouse Massacre which killed almost 1,000 Slayers in Irvine just before the Great Holy War ended. His tragic death came when a DSA fighter crash landed too close to his position during the Great Holy War Finale. Buffy was the only one to witness his unfair demise.(First Appearance: Great Holy War Finale, creator DarkLight.)

Reggie:(Deceased) One of the most seasoned Slayers-Chimneysweep of recent times, Reggie was burned alive by fire demons summoned by Sephroth in the Warehouse Massacre of the Great Holy War. (First Appearance: Great Holy War Finale, creator DarkLight.)

Nabob: Slayer Chimneysweep assigned to ASG intelligence sectors in North America, particularly the Canadian Dominion. Participated in the Great Holy War and in the routing of the Zerg Canadians. When Rushed he posseses less inherent strength than a Slayer-Cajun or Redneck, but instead is graced with much greater speed, reflexes, and general dexterity, as is common with all Chimneysweeps. During the Great Holy War, he was almost single-handedly responsible for saving the Hunt Valley starship Phoenix from imminent disaster at the foul hands of Namrok's ghostly wraiths.  After a bout with depression, Nabob realized he had fallen in love with fellow Slayer, Rae, just as she was killed by a corrupt angel.  He has vowed to avenge her death and is currently hunting Plague Sever and the dark angel Rashanan. (First appearance: "Bloodlines", Ravil)

Murphy: (Deceased) A Slayer-Redneck and a good friend of GAVAL from their earlier years. Level-headed and rational, he was well-respected by all of the branches of the ASG. Unfortunately, he was talked into participating in an ill-fated raid on the Zerg Canadians' Underground Lair by GAVAL in April of the year 2000. The Slayer commando team deployed against the Zerg, almost entirely made up of untried adolescents and trainees, was massacred during the awry operation (and as an indirect result nearly ended up destroying the universe, but that's a different story). Murphy was amongst those killed up north in Canada, sacrificing his life to save GAVAL from certain death.(First appearance: "Bloodlines", Ravil)

Lavag: With a mysterious past that began with an unexplained separation from his twin brother GAVAL as a baby, Lavag was subject to a difficult childhood that grew him in to a bitter and misguided young man. Manifesting Slayer Blood only made matters worse for Lavag who struggled against the emotional complications that come with being a Slayer and often led to fits of rage and resentment. When Lavag stumbled onto the truth about the ASG and his brother GAVAL, he made it his personal mission to either convince his brother to join him or die trying. Lavag dabbles in necromancy and dark magic and has often used those abilities to turn his victims into undead servants who only make him more powerful. During the Great Holy War Finale, Lavag and GAVAL confronted each other for the last time. GAVAL last saw his brother shot in the leg and crushed under an Ironoak Tree on a stormy November morning. His body has never been found. (creator, Auric)

Slayer Seedlings

(None of these young Slayers have received their ASG Legacy names yet.  This doesn't happen till they complete their training about about age 21.)

Jude Rite: Slayer Chimneysweep trainee, College computer science major, 20, thin but in good shape, neat gelled hair, egocentric, nosy, and bossy to those he deems younger or less educated. Respectful of ASG elders and church leadership.   GAVAL kicked him out of the Spectre-Hunters' group for insolence.  Jude turned out to have been leaking information on the group to Father Courville and subsequently the Guild itself.

Sasha Greenwood: Slayer Trainee, Redneck, Brown hair, short with a flip, southern accent, smart but not in college, 19, Works as archeological assistant in local museum; Bristol, TN raised, has apartment with 2 roomates who moved with her to L.A. from home,
     Hobbies: Into equestrian arts, Harry Potter novels, black lights, imported beer, and board games.
     Habits:  Nail biting, lip biting, tapping her front teeth while she thinks, sticks her tongue out a bit when she writes things down or draws, very intelligent though                          poorly educated, better under pressure than when given time to plan.

Marco Martin: Slayer Trainee, Redneck, bit of Goth, Earrings, tongue  ring, tattoo of beams of light coming from his heart, shaven head, thin goat-tee, 20, bartender, Omaha Nebraska raised, lives alone in L.A.
    Hobbies:  Body piercings and tattoos, though not over the top, Guitar and drums, thinks he can sing but can't, reads body building magazines but doesn't work         out  much, enjoys fried foods, .
    Habits:  Narrow-minded about eating anything ethnic.  Set in his ways, but is very courageous.  Has invincibility complex because he's never witnessed death.            As  the oldest of the trainees, this sets him back and Sasha was chosen as the group leader.

Garland Smorg: Slayer Trainee, Baker, glasses, messy longish brown hair 18, UC Irvine majoring in Business, Irvine Raised.
    Hobbies:  Computer savvy, he builds his own machines.  Knows basic hacking techniques and more about science than a kid in business school should.  Great         cook, especially     with eastern dishes,    
    Habits: He doesn't enjoy cooking much despite his great culinary instincts.  He is shy and a bit hesitant to charge into a dangerous situation.

Seth Bourque: Trainee, Chimneysweep, extremely smart and brave for his age, 16, Hollywood area home .
    Hobbies:  Athletic.  Is a star football reciever and also excels at soccer and basketball.  His mom's a teacher and makes sure he's got good grades too.  He's the        eldest of 3 kids and a step-brother.  His dad who divorced his mom is a state-trooper and passed on alot of ethics and morals pertaining to justice and living the        right way. 
    Habits: Rushes a CYAN color.  He's very quiet and withdrawn at times.   Many think he's very introspective and that his parents divorce led to his quiet nature.

Cory Stephenson: Redneck trainee, curly hair, southern accent, 17, Southern New Mexico raised, UC Irvine, Agribusiness major
Clint Grey: Redneck trainee, spiked hair, Astros Baseball cap, Texas raised, 17, lives with cousin, works in lawn care/landscaping.

Kysha Istre: Cajun trainee, 18, UC Irvine, History Major, Raised in New Iberia, LA, is one of Sasha’s roomates, straight red hair, Cajun accent, wears contact lenses.

Kin Yu: Young Asian Trainee, from Seattle, Parents sent to a private school near Irvine, 15

Wayne and Dwayne Sharpton: Slayers-Chimneysweep. Twin brothers. Black kids from the South Bronx. Parents took them out of New York and sent them to school in L.A. after winning the New York State Lottery until they could learn if the boys would manifest the Rush. They were getting involved with a bad element in the city. Wayne is an Atheist who’s not sure what to make of his bloodline. Into poetry, jazz, and hip-hop. Write a lot of his own lyrics. Reluctantly goes along with ASG training because it brought him the adventure he misses from the Bronx. His brother talked him into joining Gaval’s special courses. Dwain is a devout Catholic and a fanatic about training with the ASG. Their father and mother are active Slayers in New York City. The boys are 17 and both work at a Chimney and fireplace cleaning business in Irvine.

Allies of the ASG

Rachel Hollis:A student in Paranormal Sciences at UC Irvine, Rachel can often be seen hanging around CWAL HQ with GAVAL, who she befriended after being accidently abducted into Khanduras during GAVAL's right of passage into being an adult Slayer. Later her relationship with GAVAL deepened and became much more than pleutonic.  With her knowlege of the paranormal, she played a key role in the capture and separation of Malice from Sephroth during the Great Holy War. She is one of the few civilians who knows a great deal about the Ambiguous Slayers' Guild and its operations.  (First appearance, "Interview with a Vampire...Slayer.")

Juss D. Nuse:A freelance television news reporter and journalist, Nuse has been following the activities of the Ambiguous Slayer Guild and Operation CWAL since the Halloween 1998 Open Season on Evil. It was there that he met GAVAL and began chronicling the exploits of the ASG and Operation CWAL by selling his stories about them as works of "fiction" to sci-fi magazines while also providing the documentation of the ASG's activities in Irvine for the Slayers as an Agent of the ASG. He also Operates a Website called CWAL.NET which provides an outlet for his stories and a community for other would-be CWALers to enjoy as a place of central activity in their opposition to Blizzard. (First appearance, "Interview with a Vampire...Slayer.")

Azrealla, Avenging Angel of the Divinity: An angel of the lord herself, Azrealla was sent by the Divinity to perform the ritual that enlightened the original nine Slayers' blood during the Luminant Genesis of the Nine Enlightened Souls. Through out history, she has played a part in guarding and guiding the Slayers as they wound their way in and out of history both in Kanduras and on CWAL Prime Earth. (First Appearance: "Interview with a Vampire...Slayer", Gaval)

Raider:  Raider is an ex agent of the ASG with excellent fighting abilities. He used to be a man of evil himself until one day when he was overwhelmed in a battle and was badly injured by his adversaries. Having since survived, recovered, and reformed, he is now a regular at Operation CWAL. 00Chause was the code name given to the agent by the ASG before he decided he didn't agree with the ways of the Guild.  Chause began hanging around CWAL with the other Slayers who came to Irvine during the Great Holy War's final days.  His favorite weapons a switchblade and a few wrestling moves like the "powerbomb" for melee combat, and a rocket launcher when things get really messy. After leaving the ASG his brain was "mindwiped" by the Slayers-Chimneysweep to remove any memory he had of the Guild.  Due to disfiguring injuries in the war, he wears a hood over his face to cover the burn marks.

Agent Senor Gato: Agent Gato is a member of the Newbie Patrol in CWAL as well as an ASG Agent.  He's often described as a cool guy and a wisecracker. He wears ski goggles all the time, but they're always up on his forehead or around his neck. Physically he is Incredibly pale which allows him to turn translucent (looks just like the stealth camo that the Predator had in the movie by the same name), but sunlight and UV rays tan him and make him visible. He wields two 1940s style Colt .45s and can sprout bone spikes from small bone bump-like protrusions on his knuckles, elbows, knees, and spine. Gato is not very tough, but is very agile. He looks totally human other than the showing bone bumps.

Agent Archangel:Archangel, a full time CWALer,  is a modified Terran Ghost. Wings were implanted to his back by the UED as an experimental soldier, which failed. No one knows how he got into CWAL... he just appeared there in the past and has been with them ever since. When in battle, his weapons of choice are his modified coin-shooting C-10 canister rifle and Lockinver (his gigantic sword from Joe's Sword Shop). He gets really hyped up when battle music soundtracks is played, and loves Mountain Dew... and Sprite... but no one knows that. Is currently in search for a reason of existence.

Dr. Kris Binder:  Once a bachelor on the prowl, this former dentist was violently forced into life as a vampire when a woman he took home from a nightclub attacked him and forced her to drink her undead blood.  When he awoke, Binder found his siress to still be there taunting him and commanding him as her slave to do her bidding right there in his home.  Having not completely turned yet, Binder was able to resist her will and in a stroke of luck took her life, killing his sire and his only connection to the Vampire world.  As a Vampire outcast, Binder struggled with losing his humanity and succombing to the thirst of the nosveratu.  GAVAL found Binder and feeding him the blood of an immortal CWALer was able to nurse the vampire back to health in return for using Binder's presence to train the Spectre-Hunter Slayers in managing the pain that comes with the Rush.  He is now a mole in the vampire nation seeking out vengeance on the creatures who turned his perfect life upside down.  (First appearance, Year of the Spectre:  Episode II, Summer Twilight.)

Father Courville: One of the largest responsibilities of any priest is to serve as liason between the Vatican and the ASG.  Father Courville is responsible for commuting with American operatives on special matters that need to be kept secret from even the ASG. (First appearance, "Year of the Spectre:  Episode I, the Spectral Menace.")  Courville is also one of the main ASG chronicles who keeps a history of all ASG activities and archives.  He is very technology-aware and has a degree in computer engineering.

Cardinal Laghi:  Second only to the Pope, this Cardinal is the main line of communication between his holiness and the Leader of the ASG.  Laghi is a diehard conservative and is abhorant of change or unrest.

Rogue Slayers

Secretive to even the covert Ambiguous Slayers' Guild are the Rogue Slayers or Bloodchildren.  200 years after the Slayers had established themselves as a major force of balance in Europe, the Rogues separated from the Guild due to lack of acceptance and understanding of their magical ways.  All Rogues are direct descendants of Karvalle's bloodline which makes them naturally well-attuned to the arts of the Magi.  They accomplished separation from the ASG and keeping their cover secret by feighning their death in the chaos of a major battle in 1213 A.D.  Despite their vigilante status amonst the supernatural forces of CWAL Earth, the Rogues remain dedicated to the Slayer cause of foiling the ways of evil and maintaining balance through the world between good and evil.  Rogue skills are noted in all mannors of magical powers as well as increased agility and speed granted to them through the Rush, however, their physical gifts are somewhat less formidable than any of the other casts of the legitimate ASG.

Kali:  Field leader and powerful sorceress.  Daughter of the Rogue Potentate.  Appears to have partial asian descent.  Lost her right arm to Rashanan the fallen angel in a Shadowlands battle alongside Nabob and Torvan while trying to rescue a relic of power to save her people.

Torvan:  Warrior of the Rogue Cast.  I'll-tempered and untrusting, Torvan's greatest duty is to see to the well-being of Kali who is heiress of Rogue leadership.

Justinian:  Potentate of the Rogue Slayers, Justinian rules, as the oldest Rogue, the entire Order of Karvalle.

Jabez: Leader of the Rogue expeditionary force that joins with GAVAL’s seedlings.  Asiatic looking, as almost all of them are.  Extremely powerful sorcerer with a significant understanding of the arcane arts, but with a great deal less knowledge of how to relate to people.  Although not anti-social, he is always cynical, frequently rude, and often heedless of what effect his comments might have on people.  Not as bigoted toward the ASG as some of his comrades, he still maintains a sharp (and he believes healthy) distance and cynicism toward them.  His name means ‘Bringer of Pain’, which is appropriate since his specialty is offensive magic...and particularly fire.  Nobody has accused him of being a pyromaniac, but everyone can see the glimmer in his eye when he sees something burn.  Engaged to marry the potentate’s daughter Kali.

Brianna: The odd Rogue.  Large girl, hardly fat but not as slender as most of the Rogues, she is of Caucasian ancestry where all of her comrades have the part-Asian look that descended down the line from Kharvalle, the Eastern sorceress.  She has waist-length bronze hair, olive-coloured skin and a slightly mischievous look hidden behind down-turned blue eyes.  Brianna is not, in fact, a Rogue by blood at all.  She is a Slayer-Ditchdigger by birth.  When she was 16 - just before the Rush had manifested itself in her - her family (and most of her town in Chechnya, before the civil war there) was wiped out by a Plague Demon.  During the following terror and horror her Enlightened blood manifested, much to the surprise of the Rogues, who had been following the Plague Demon and were making a stand against it in her town.  What intrigued them even more - particularly Severus, the leader of the Rogue team - was that she attempted to help against the demon, not with her strength or speed but with magic.  Brianna had been an active practitioner of Wiccan magic for a number of years, and attempted to stave off the Plague Demon with primitive (and largely ineffective) hedge magic.  After the Rogues had eliminated the threat, Severus made the controversial decision to bring her back Home with them rather than wiping her memory of the event, since she had already displayed innate talent with magic that had nothing to do with Kharvalle’s bloodline.  So Brianna was brought back and, after heated debate, it was decided that she would stay with them and explore magic rather than sending her back to the inevitable ASG agents.  In the years since, she has blossomed into a beautiful woman, even if she does stand out somewhat.  Since she is not of the blood of Kharvalle, she cannot harness the powerful elemental magic of her peers, but her burning desire to study and refine magic means that she has acquired a more insightful, in-depth knowledge of the working of magic than most Rogues ever will.  Her whispered fascination with necromancy may alienate her further from the other Rogues.  She has begun to idolize Lothos.

Severus: 37 and secretly bitter, Severus was once a rising force within the Rogue community who was shattered by his own fateful decision.  His controversial call in bringing Brianna to Home rather than erasing her memories of their encounter did not end as explosively in council as it might have, but the then-young Rogue was still thoroughly discredited.  Although never officially reprimanded or stripped of honour, Severus has never since been asked to lead a Rogue mission, and he knows why.  Even if it ends well, breaching the laws comes with its own penalty.  Now subservient to Jabez - whom he is older than - Severus is well on his way to becoming an embittered old sorcerer.  Despite his anger, though, he respects the hierarchy.  Severus isn’t particularly handsome: his face seems to be longer horizontally than it is vertically, and Lothos once described it as a melon resting on its side with a pointed chin.  Despite everything, he took Brianna on as something of a student following his rescue of her.

Ancient Slayers

CABAL: Often Referred to as the Slayer Prime, CABAL was the original Slayer who led and protected the Nine Souls of the Luminant Genesis, his friends and fellow original Slayers. Before his manifestation as a warrior of light, CABAL was a blacksmith from Kanduran Westmarch who lost his family to an attack by Abadon. After the demon exiled the surviving original Slayers to Ancient CWAL Prime, CABAL remained to fight evil himself and rebuild the Slayer Legacy in Kanduras. CABAL has a grey beard, wears hardened leather armor, and fights with a silver warhammer, oak stakes, and blessed holy items. Later, after death, CABAL's soul along with Mu of CWAL's body was the chosen essence to become the new Champion who fought to preserve balance throughout the universe for another thousand years at the climax of the Great Holy War, often referred to as the Third Fight of the Ages.

Guhval:(Deceased, 1128 A.D.) Second only to the Slayer Prime, Guhval was a Paladin of Kanduras who taught the first Slayers how to be warriors. When Abadon exiled the surviving original Slayers to CWAL Prime and they were separated from CABAL, Guhval became the leader of the Slayer Legacy and is credited for what the ASG is today. Guhval eventually settled in what today is northern France and is considered the father of the Slayers-Cajun.

Karvalle:(Deceased, 1150 A.D.) A powerful Kanduran sorceress of the Zann Esu clan, Karvalle was solicited by CABAL to become one of the first Slayers. Her Arcane Magic combined withe the powers of Enlightened Blood made her one of the most powerful mortal beings ever to fight for the forces of good and balance. Karvalle is credited for imbuing Slayer blood with lasting enchantments that have allowed them to harnass their heritage to its fullest potential through special abilities.

Saxal: (Deceased, 1101 A.D.) Saxal was one the first non-human Slayer in recorded history. A Kanduran Ogre of unusually warm heart despite his size, Saxal was a pillar of strength for the forces of good during the crusades after the Kanduran exile. Today's Slayers-Premiere are thought to be descendants of Saxal who eventually married a human maiden after the Second Fight of the Ages (Millenium Crusades) ended.

Gabrina:(Deceased, 1130 A.D.) "Gabby" as her friends knew her. She was a sister of CABAL's and mother to young Kendal. She survived Abadon's fury but was exiled to CWAL Prime, 1095 A.D. to begin a new life on another world in another time. She was one of the first two female Slayers ever and had the blood of the Slayer Prime. Her offspring would produce leadership in the Slayer Guild for centuries before her entire leniage was killed off during the spanish inquisition.

Kendal: (Deceased, Kanduras, 1095 A.D. CWAL Prime Earth Time) The son of Gabrina and the nephew to CABAL, Kendal was a young boy blinded by a dragon attack on Westmarch in Kanduras before the fateful night when he and the other eight original Slayers were enlightened with purified blood. When rushed, he regained his ability to see and became more agile than any other Slayer to come after him. All of his senses seemed enhanced by the Rush to the point of near omniscience of his immediate area. He was reportedly slain by demons in the fight against Abadon just before the Slayer exile.  CABAL was never able to recover his nephew's body.

Gavin:(Deceased 1195 A.D.) A monk of the Divine brotherhood, Gavin was the holiest of the original Slayers. He served as a conduit between the Divinity and the new Slayer leniage and provided moral guidance in the fight against the darkness of evil and injustice. After the exile of the Slayers to CWAL Prime, it was Gavin who secured and made permeant the bond between the Slayers and the Crusaders, and eventually the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He was the Longest lived of the original nine Slayers. Like Karvalle, many thought he would be immortal until he simply passed away one evening in prayer during the Dark Ages. Unfortunately, Gavin never married or had any children to carry on his lineage.

Gamble: (Deceased, Kanduras, 1095 A.D. CWAL Prime Earth Time) Before the purification of his blood, Gamble was a simple farmer and a man of strong moral fiber. He fought with a pitchfork and gave his life in only the Slayers' second conflict ever, a victim of demons summoned by Abadon.

Buffal: (Deceased 1130 A.D.) Before he was contacted by Azrealla and brought to CABAL for purification, Buffal was a simple begger roaming from village to village in the wilderness between Tristram and Westmarch in Kanduras. With a simple spear and the conviction of a saint he survived Abadon's demon assaults and exile to CWAL Prime where he became a true warrior for the forces of light in the Crusades. He went on to have many children and provided the roots for the modern Slayers-Redneck.

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